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Tips to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Horse Carrier When you want to transport a horse, there are strict rules that have to be followed. The horse transporter will be in charge of your horse. Therefore, you should look for a horse transporter that is licensed and experienced in the business. You should do a background check on the horse transporter to know more about the company. You can begin your research on a horse carrier by searching online. You should check the policies, transport history and legal standing of the transporters you are evaluating. From the background check you undertake, it will be clear whether the transporter you want to hire will be right for you. Consider the Transporter’s License Horse carriers are required to be licensed by state and federal authorities, just like is the case with other transports for hire. You can contact your local authority to find out whether the carrier you are looking to hire is licensed. Some states allow customers to confirm the licensing status of a horse transporter on the internet. Confirm the validity of the horse carrier over the period when you would like your horse to be transported. It is also advisable to choose a horse carrier that knows interstate and intrastate laws of transporting horses. Apart from the license, find out about the transporter’s mortality insurance policy. Choose a horse transporter that offers comprehensive horse transport insurance coverage. There are a number of risks your horse may face during transportation. Thus, it’s important to choose a carrier that offers insurance. If you can get a carrier that can allow you to buy additional coverage, this is even better. The insurance should cover injury, loss or death of your horse when it’s being transported.
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Consider the Experience of the Transporter It is easy to know what kind of treatment your horse will get based on the experience of the horse carrier. Choose a carrier that is an excellent horse handler and a good driver. Confirm the number of years that the carrier has been transporting horses. This is important especially when you want to determine his/her experience. You should also know how many times the carrier makes stops for food and water. During transportation, especially inter-state ones, it is important to ensure horses are well fed.
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You can be sure your horse will be safe and healthy if you choose an experienced horse carrier to transport it to your intended destination. In case the horse falls sick during the journey, the carrier should know how to perform first aid. Apart from this, he/she should advise you on the supplies you should pack with your horse. Finally, find out how much the horse carrier will charge you for the service.

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